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UR Advanced Applications

What is my take-home:

This course comes to expend on the UR family platform and teach the Electrical engineer the depth of the applications provided by the UR relay.

Traditional agenda is provided bellow. ( G60, F35/60, B30/90, T35/60, D30/60, L30/90 )

We will tailor into the course content to fit your specific relay needs. (M60, C30,C60, C70, N60)

Who should attend?

Electrical design engineers System managers

Senior protection engineering staff responsible for relay selection and overall network design.

Recommended Prerequisites:
Industrial/Utility Relay Protection Fundamentals course
UR Family Platform level-1course
Recommended Duration
5 days

Recommended agenda


Day 1:


Review of Universal Relay
- Hardware review
- FlexLogic
- Basic protection elements
- Data communication

Bus protection (B30)
- Busbar protection problems
- Busbar protection techniques
- Digital low-impedance busbar relays
- B30 protection features
- B30 theory of operation
- B30 dynamic bus replica
- Isolators
- Tie-breakers
- Breakers
- End fault protection
- CT trouble conditions
- Check zone
- Setting rules for the 87B function
- B30 modeling with enerVista
- Summary


Bus protection continuation (B90)
- B90 capacity
- B90 features and benefits
- B90 applications
- B90 architecture
- B90 wiring
- B90 protection and logic IEDs
- Schemes for large buses
- B90 communications and security
- Typical application example
- B90 configuration program
- B90 application to ungrounded and
lightly grounded systems
- Breaker failure
- Distance recording
- Sequence of events

UR transformer protection (T35 and T60)
- Protection elements, control elements, metering
- Wiring and setup
- Phase and magnitude compensations
- Percent differential characteristic and settings
- Instantaneous differential protection
- Restricted ground fault protection
- Over-excitation protection
- Benefits of source configuration
- Connection diagrams

Day 3:


Advanced feeder protection and Hi Z
- Bus transfer scheme
- FlexElements and application examples
- Hi Z

UR line current differential protection (L90)
- Introduction
- Features
- L90 installation
- Current differential theory of operation
- Disturbance detector
- 87L trip logic
- Distance backup

Day 4:


UR line current differential protection continuation
- Syncrocheck
- Auto reclosure
- Line pickup
- Direct I/O
- Breaker failure for single/three pole operated CBs
- Stub bus protection
- Open pole detection
UR generator protection (G60)
- Stator differential
- Stator ground
- Loss of excitation
- System backup
- Sensitive directional power

UR distance protection (D30/D60)
- Basic features
- TRIP OUTPUT (trip bus)
- Memory polarization circuits
- Distance zones comparators

Day 5:


UR distance protection (D30/D60) continued
- Distance zones logic
- Settings
- Teleprotection schemes: DUTT, PUTT, POTT, HYB POTT, BLOCKING scheme
- Ground directional elements
- Load encroachment
- Out-of-step tripping and power swing blocking
- VT fuse fail
- Single-pole tripping
- Application on series compensated lines
Friday, December 9, 2022
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