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Protection of Distribution Networks

What is the take-home?

All the fundamentals you need for transformer and feeder protection are packaged in this course..

The course covers the SR745 Transformer protection SR750/760 Feeder Management Relays.

Protection theory, relay field configuration, field testing and wiring id thoroughly covered. simulation software will activate protective elements, building setting files and field testing.

who should attend:

Plant electrical maintenance personnel who are responsible for the installation, maintenance, testing and repair of GE Multilin SR745 and SR750/760 relays.

Plant electrical engineers responsible for the design of distribution networks.

Recommended prerequisite: Electrical professional credentials

Recommended duration: 3 days

Suggested agenda

Day 1:
Introduction to power generation and distribution
Grounding systems
Introduction to protective relaying
Introduction to protective relaying
Current transformer selection
Hardware overview
SR750/760 Specifications

Mechanical installation and wiring

EnerVista SR750/760 Setup Software
- Establishing communication to the relay
- Loading and saving settings files lab


- SR750/760 relay setup
- Logic inputs
- Output relays: trip circuit supervision

Day 2:

Protection and fault simulation lab
- Instantaneous Overcurrent
- Timed Overcurrent
- Voltage restraint
- Directional overcurrent
- Under/overvoltage
- Underfrequency

- Setpoint groups
- Underfrequency

- Undervoltage
- Overvoltage

Actual data
- Event recorder and waveform capture

- Setpoint groups
- Underfrequency


Basic transformer theory of operation
Percent differential protection element
Instantaneous differential protection
Tap changers
SR745 Specifications
Hardware overview, options and ordering
Mechanical installation and wiring
Establishing communication to the relay with TM PC software
Loading and saving settings files
SR745 setup
- Logic inputs: contact and virtual
- Protective elements
- Outputs: virtual and contact

Day 3:


Fault simulation investigation tools waveform capture
- Differential element
- Event recorder, trending and waveform capture

Introduction to FlexLogic
- Virtual inputs
- Contact outputs and virtual outputs

The SR745 memory map and user memory map

Data communication LANs


Friday, December 9, 2022
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