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This course is traditionally introduced as part of the " UR relays application level-2 " course or the " Motor protection course "

The protection engineer will gain an in-depth understanding of themajor protective element algorithms for the M60. The review of a sample settings file in addition to Oscillography and event logs forspecific faults will aid in a complete understanding of how to apply theM60 and how the M60 should perform.

This course is designed for protection engineering staff responsible for Motor protective relay selection and settings.

Day 1

Motor theory

Motor protection theory

Motor Thermal Modeling

Short Circuit protection

Ground Fault detection

Phase Differential

Single Phase protection


Mechanical Jam

Loss of Load

Acceleration Timer

Starts per Hour

Time Between Starts

M60 Hardware overview


Hardware configuration


Power Supply

VT Inputs

CT Inputs

Digital I/O

Analog Inputs


M60 Protection element overview

Motor Broken rotor bar protection

Creating a protection and control settingsfile for a typical Motor application

Review of Event Records and

Oscillography files for different Motor Faults

Friday, December 9, 2022
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