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The SR469 Motor Management course will review of basic motor terminology and motor theory.

The SR469 Thermal Model, detailed calculations applied to a Westinghouse motor data.

A through and correctly applied configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting techniques will deliver a complete understanding and practical, down to earth examples of utilizing the SR469 protection relay in the field.

Day 1


Motor theory

Current Transformer selection

Motor Thermal Modeling

Additional protective elements

Short Circuit protection

Ground Fault

Phase Current Differential

Single Phase protection

Undervoltage protection

Overvoltage protection

Mechanical Jam detection

Loss of Load detection

Acceleration timer

Starts per hour

Time between starts

Class settings calculation examples

Day 2


SR469 Hardware overview

Mechanical installation and wiring

EnerVistaTM SR469 Setup Software

Establishing communication to the relay

Loading and saving settings files


SR469 Setup

System Setup

Digital Inputs and Outputs

Thermal Model

Current elements

Motor starting

RTD temperature

Voltage elements

Power elements


Fault simulation Labs dealing with specific Protection elements

Thermal Overload and Emergency Restart

Instantaneous Overcurrent

Ground Fault

Mechanical Jam and Loss of Load

Differential Fault

Single Phasing



Actual Values

Status, Metering and Trending

Event Recorder and Waveform capture

Firmware upgrades

Data communications overview

Friday, December 9, 2022
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