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UR Family Platform

This course is offered:

  1. On customer site, on it's equipment and relays ( Money saver ! )
  2. On our site, using our relays, in small groups ( up tp 5 students ) for best results. ( Most popular ! )

We offer this course as a stand-alone or extended 1-2 days to include an application relay like: D60 and L90 (Line protection), F60 and T60 (Distribution protection), G60 and T60 (Generation protection) etc.


What is my take-home:

The Universal Relay platform including it's hardware, protection elements set, software and communications features is common to all UR family members. . The course will review the UR's specifications, hardware selection, installation and wiring procedures used in modern substation protection, control and data communication.

This course is applicable to all the UR models: B30, B90, C30, C60, C70, D30, D60, F35, F60, G60, L90, N60, M60, T35, and T60.

Who should attend?

  • Electrical engineers new to the UR family.
  • Electrical engineers refreshing their knowledge for substation design and maintenance
  • Managers, coming to understand better the protection using any UR relay
  • Electrical maintenance teams personnel

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Electrical professional credentials

Recommended Duration 3 days

Suggested Agenda


System overview

Relay hardware overview
- Block diagram
- SCAN time
- Specifications and hardware configuration
- Trip and close voltage and current monitoring
- Mechanical installation and wiring
- Options and ordering
- EnerVista setup software
- Creating an interface, device and site

- Password and security management
- Display properties
- Overview of communications menu
- Real time clock and IRIG-B setup
- Overview of oscillography setup
- Overview of data logger setup
- User programmable LED lab

- System Setup:
- AC inputs
- Power system
- Signal sources
- Inputs/Outputs:
- Breakers
- FlexCurves
- Digital inputs and outputs
- Commands

Actual values:
- Front panel
- Status
- Metering

- Virtual inputs
- Clear records
- Set Date and Time

Day 2:

Introduction to FlexLogic
- positive edge triggered one-shot,
- negative edge triggered
- one-shot, dual edge triggered one-shot
- FlexLogic
- Setting groups
- Digital elements lab
- Timers lab
- Counters lab
- FlexElements

Day 3:

Oscillography and event log

- settings files - Saving/loading
- Protection and control
- Grouped Elements
- Sources
- protection elements operation and integration:
- Instantaneous Overcurrent
- Timed Overcurrent
- Under/Overfrequency
- Voltage restraint
- Under/Overvoltage
- Autoreclosing


Friday, December 9, 2022
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