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Industrial Relay Protection Fundamentals (IRPF)

What is my take-home:
This corner-stone Industrial Relay Protection Fundamentals (IRPF) course is a must have for all engineers who enters into the Protection & Control field and electrical technicians.

It is the most popular course and the most comprehensive elevating understanding of the principles of protection relaying and applications.

Who should attend?

Engineers entering the Protection & Control field.

Electrical technician of all walks of protection

Suggested pre-requisite: Electrical professional credentials.

Suggested duration: 4 days

Suggested agenda


Power System Components
Why Protect?
Relaying basics
Circuit Breakers
Primary and Backup relaying
Microprocessor Relays
3 phase AC properties
Symmetrical Components
Current & Potential Transformer


Transformer Protection
Transformer theory
Transformer protection elements
Current Transformer Percent
2nd harmonic inhibit
5th harmonic inhibit
Sudden Pressure change detection


Busbar Protection
Bus protection elements
Bus protection requirements
Bus protection schemes
High Impedance
Linear Couplers
Unrestrained Differential
Percent Differential
Low Impedance microprocessor-based

Feeder Protection
Protection elements
Relay coordination
Phase TOC (51)
Phase IOC (50)
Ground Relaying
Fault simulation
Event Log


Motor Protection
Induction Motor theory
Motor Thermal Modeling
Short Circuit
Ground Fault
Stator Differential
Single phase protection
Under and Overvoltage
Locked Rotor protection
Acceleration timer
Starts per hour
Time between starts
Bearing protection

Optional addition for Ind. Standby and Backup generators:

Generator Protection
Generator Protection
Generator Protection elements
Stator Differential
Neutral Displacement
3rd harmonic
Loss of excitation
Accidental Energization
Low Forward Power
Reverse Power

Parallel generation

AVR and Governor Control

Friday, December 9, 2022
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