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Transmission Line Protection

What is my take-home:
All the fundamentals you need for Transmission Line terminology, Distance theory, Distance schemes in addition to Differential Line protection.

Correct configuration of the D60 Distance and L90 line current differential files and testing is thoroughly covered.

Who should attend?

Electrical maintenance team Electrical design engineers Utility managers on their journey of gaining a better understanding of Transmission Line protection and the use of UR GE Multilin transmission protection relay.

Recommended Prerequisite: UR family platform level-1 Electrical professional credentials

Recommended duration:
3 days
2 days + 2 days UR family platform level-1 (recommended!)

Suggested Agenda for a 4 days session

Day 1 and 2:


Transmission Line fundamentals

Relaying basics

Circuit Breakers

Primary and Backup relaying

Introduction to Symmetrical component

Current Transformers

Potential Transformers

Introduction to the Universal Relay

Universal Relay Hardware overview

UR Modular concept

UR Family members

Hardware configuration

Mechanical installation

Options and ordering

EnerVista UR Setup Software


Product Setup

System Setup


Virtual Inputs

Clear Records

Set Date and Time

Actual Values

Front Panel

Status and Metering

Status and Metering demo

Day 3 and 4:

Line differential theory

L60/L90 Relays

Grouped Elements

Phase Differential protective theory

Protection element calculations for a typical L60 application

Line Current Differential theory

Protection element calculations for a typical L90 application

(optional L90 demonstration Labs)

Introduction to Transmission Lines Distance protection theory

Stepped distance

Zone 1 extended

Pilot aided schemes: DUTT, PUTT, POTT, HYBRID POTT, Directional-locking

Power swings

D60 overview

Protection element calculations for a typical D60 application

Friday, December 9, 2022
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