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Viewpoint Monitoring

This course is coming to train the designer of system protection of GE-UR relays and third party devices, relays, meters, controllers and the professional troubleshooter to use the EnerVista ViewPoint Monitoring tool to accomplish his goal in a fast and clean way, communicating with all the on-line system devices, dynamically monitoring the system status.

What is my take home:

Thorough understanding and hands-on experience of the GE ViewPoint Monitoring software package.

Labs will train the students how to set up and configure all of the different types of network architectures using communication that are available for protective Relays.

Who should attend?

  • Electrical protection designers using GE-UR protection relays.
  • System troubleshooters and maintenance teams.

Recommended Prerequisites: UR family platform (URP)

Recommended duration: 2 days

Suggested agenda

Day 1:

Data communication terminology

LAN Network topologies and DataComm

Serial RS232 and RS485 networks

Configuring RS232 and RS485 networks

Ethernet networks

Switches and Routers

Configuring an Ethernet LAN

Launchpad software package

Downloading and Installing Setup Programs

Navigating and using EnerVistaTM Setup Programs

Downloading documentation and support files

RJ45 Twisted Pair Copper Ethernet

Fiber Optic Ethernet

Configuring a Twisted Pair

Ethernet network

Configuring a Fiber Optic

Ethernet network

Introduction to Viewpoint Monitoring

Viewpoint Monitoring Specifications

System size and requirements

Device configuration and support

Plug and Play instant Monitoring

Day 2:

Single Line Monitoring and

Control diagrams

Importing of bitmaps and images

Digital points Status

Breaker icons Configuration

Analog signals Monitoring

Graphical Gauges and Dials Configuring

Sending Control commands to devices

Navigation links to other screens Creation

Plug-and-Play screens Customization

Annunciator alarming and specifications

Annunciator Alarm Panel Configuration

Configuring alarm levels

Monitoring device data

Setting up Email notification

Configuring Trending reports and its specifications

Selecting Device parameters

Configuring Chart Viewer

Archiving data

Exporting data to Microsoft Excel

Interoperability with non-GE Multilin third party devices

Non-GE Multilin Integration

Adding a new device

Creating custom Memory Maps

Formula Editor - Creating customized data points

Security configuration and its Functions

Historical Event Log

Automatic Waveform retrieval

Automatic Event retrieval

System Wide "Sequence of Event Viewer"

Configuring and Testing automatic Event and Waveforms retrieval

Friday, December 9, 2022
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